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Stan și Bran, redactori la The Economist

What Britain forgets: Romania is booming:

The finished story, under the headline “by January, the only thing left will be the goat,” gives some indication of how Romania is portrayed in the tabloids. Yet the country is wealthier, more dynamic and more sophisticated than such stories suggest. Unemployment there is relatively low (and lower than in Britain). Its budget deficit puts Britain to shame. The government is in the midst of liberalising the economy, opening up new sectors (most notably, energy and telecoms) to competition and investment. Economic growth is at 4.1%. Wages are rising fast. Adjusting for prices, Bucharest’s GDP per capita is above the EU average. Indeed, the average Bucharest resident is comfortably better off than the average resident of Manchester.

Porcii zboară astăzi la înălțimi relativ mari în Britannia… În plus, numai un economist de geniu de la o prestigioasă revistă britanică poate crede că există o legătură directă între producția efectuată în București („Bucharest’s GDP per capita”) cu salariile („wages”) celor care produc aceste valori.

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