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Who the fuck needed CES 2014?

I totally agree with the guy who wrote this: CES: It’s Mostly Bullshit. And I’m even meaner than he is.

3,200 manufacturers presenting 20,000 new products to 150,000 visitors?! WTF is that? 65″…98″ curved UltraHD TV sets with 4k or 8k resolutions, when a BluRay DVD only and the HDTV only offer 2k? But again, curved screens, or even screens than… can curve themselves if told so via the remote control? (Well, CRTs were curved back in the 50s and 60s, and it wasn’t much in their favor…) Then, some more useless Android “smartwatches” whose batteries only last a few hours? Wearable devices and gizmos? 3D printers? Drones? Self-driving BMW cars? What for?

I tried to ignore all the articles about CES swarming around — on technology sites, on general news sites, on Twitter, etc. etc. But it wasn’t an easy task.

Not to mention that it’s even worse than a “regular” announcement of a product by a company. With the exception of Apple, when someone announces a new technology product, it’s usually not retail-available before 6 months! What’s the use of keeping people drooling for half a year?! As a citizen of a formerly “socialist” country, I know how it is to be unable to buy a certain product (at the time, color TV sets) before “your turn” arrives. So, c’mon, if you talk about a product you want to sell, then sell it to me today or tomorrow! (Pre-orders are OK.)

It can be even worse. Apparently, this modular phone by ZTE is not a model that will eventually sell — it’s more like a concept car, uniquely manufactured for the sake of it. What for?!?

Another random bit: Audi’s aluminium Android tablet. Cool, right? Not necessarily so. It would have been rocket science to come with a non-glossy, anti-glare screen, eh? One can see in that very video how the screen is mostly a mirror, and it’s difficult to find a convenient viewing angle. Supposedly, there is no external light coming in an Audi car… (I thought Germans were smarter than that, but I was wrong.)

As I’m almost a fan (to some extent) of Huawei, I noticed their small improvement with the Huawei Mate 2 LTE/4G. Nothing tremendously new (let aside the 4G): the same 6.1″ at 720×1280 (a resolution more suited for 5″; it helps to preserve the battery, but a FullHD resolution is almost mandatory for such a size), the same impressive 4,050 mAh battery, but this time able to do “reverse charging” (such as being used to charge an iPhone), a 13MP Sony camera, a 5MP front camera able to take “panoramic selfies”, and an improved, innovative EmotionUI 2.0 “skin” — conference highlights, quick hands-on. The price will however be very good.

From the hundreds of articles I’ve seen (seen, not read), I really concluded that CES 2014 was no more necessary, objectively, than the Lamborghini Aventador is. I mean, what’s the real need for the Aventador to exist?

LATE EDIT: I’d still like to add that, from the devices announced by “the smallest of the two big Chinese”, ZTE, the two Nubia phones (Nubia 5S, 5″ FullHD by Sharp, Snapdragon 800, 2 GB, 16 GB if 3G / 32 GB if LTE, microSD, 13MP Minolta + 5MP cameras, 2300 mAh; Nubia 5S Mini, 4.7″ 720p by Sharp, Snapdragon 600, 2 GB, 16 GB, no microSD, 13MP Minolta + 5MP camera, 2000 mAh), both 7.6 mm in thickness, will be available in France this spring. Interesting enough, their Android 4.2.2 (to be updated to KitKat) is skinned à la MIUI — or rather à la Huawei’s EmotionUI. Note that the prices for China, translated in euros, don’t give any reliable indication about the future prices for Europe, as import duties and VAT are to be added. (Mais ils ont l’air très correct.)

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One thought on “Who the fuck needed CES 2014?

  1. Robert

    And a lot of companies presented products suitable for business use at a consumer trade show, some new SSD’s (new firmware on the controller to allow new useless functions), tons of PC cases, Freesync from AMD which turned out that is not that good and that the reporters don’t understand at all how PC’s work…


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