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Winter is not like summer… as we all know

By Associated Press, in The Washington Post: Small plane crash in Romania unleashes public ire — excerpts:

The government generally does nothing, and in this case they did nothing to locate the plane. A woodcutter had to find them,” aviation professor Nicolae Serban Tomescu said. “The rescue operation was like Swiss cheese. There were holes everywhere.”

Romania, a country of 19 million with no foreign enemies, has seven intelligence agencies, including the main domestic and foreign spying agencies.

But former emergency services chief Ion Burlui, who resigned Wednesday, said authorities had done their job properly in difficult conditions, including deep snow, dense fog and darkness.

Winter is not like summer and the mountain is not like the plains,” he said. “These people intervened … risking their lives to save other people.”

One thought on “Winter is not like summer… as we all know

  1. Fluieratorul

    And the problem is that “many believe the government was unable to muster up-to-date equipment to rescue the crash victims, but is willing to invest its resources heavily on surveillance”.

    I do believe that services have both the equipment and the competences, but they didn’t care to save those people, because it’s not in their job description to save people.


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