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It takes one idiot to buy another idiot

By now, everyone should know that Zuckerberg has paid $16bn $19bn ($12 billion in stock, $4 billion in cash and $3 billion in restricted shares) for WhatsApp. I won’t repeat what I wrote in the title.

I could never understand why are people finding WhatsApp so attractive. It’s only free for the first year, after that it’s $1/year — very cheap, but why pay for sending text messages over the data plan, when I can have both text and voice communication, forever free, with apps such as Skype, Viber, Tango, LINE, and more?

If you’re currently using WhatsApp, don’t take it personally: I consider its users stupid. There are so many other better and more powerful alternatives.

But again, Facebook is such an idiocy that I feel degraded every time I try to spend more than 5 minutes on it — using a fake account. Yet people love Facebook.

Zuckerberg probably did the right thing: he connected people that lack common sense to other people who lack common sense. Maybe they’re the same — I don’t know which ecosystem has a larger user base, and I don’t care*.

Now I know it was the right decision not to use WhatsApp.
*Oh, wait:


6 thoughts on “It takes one idiot to buy another idiot

  1. Arturi

    Yes, I agree with that extra charge, but then if 90% of your circle of friends very frequently use that, then it leaves a little option for not paying almost a dollar a year.
    It would be really nice if LINE can take that spot, given the service also provides the desktop option (which could bring another question : why did we leave Yahoo Messenger in the first place?).
    You could always blame the psychological factor behind all fads.

  2. Nux

    Yahoo messenger was a piece of crap and probably still is looking at their other services (yahoo mail needs to die right now).
    WhatsApp is also crap, had tons of security issues, but somehow everybody else is using it; I installed it after my brother told me to. It costs me nothing to send him a WhatsApp message whereas SMS would cost me 50 pence (international).
    WhatsApp’s success in Europe at least is based on the shitty tariffs of the operators. I hope they get buried.

    I tried LINE yesterday, looks like nice piece of Japanese technology, sadly exactly 0 of my contacts are on it. I hope they pick up some steam, because I do not want to become a Facebook user via Whatsapp.

    1. Arturi

      Completely agree with the Yahoo Mail. They also did severe damage to the Yahoo logo as well… completely lifeless and tasteless.


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