5 Benefits of Yunnan Baiyao that You Can’t Live Without

Yunnan Baiyao has been known as a potent and powerful alternative medicine to treat various types of injuries. There are plenty of benefits that you can get when you use this white drug from Yunnan.

Here are the 5 benefits of Yunnan Baiyao that you can’t live without:

It Stops the Bleeding Immediately

This white drug from Yunnan is primarily useful to stop bleeding in your body. So, whenever you are wounded, and you got some bleeding in your body, as well as bruises and other external injuries, you can use this medicine to treat it immediately. When this happens, you can either consume the medicine or apply it topically as a paste around your wounded area. It should be able to stop your bleeding soon.

It Can Also Stop and Reverse Swelling

Swelling in your body can also be treated with Yunnan Baiyao. The treatment procedure is the same as when you treat the bleeding. When you fall and got some swelling around the body, this medicine can help to stop the swelling as well as reverse it. It means that you can make the swelling disappear quickly if you use this medicine according to the recommended dosage.

It Can Be Used for Both Internal and External Injuries

Aside from treating external injuries like wounds, bruises, swelling, and so on, Yunnan Baiyao is also effective in treating internal injuries as well. If there is bleeding in your internal organs due to any reasons, such as accidents or health conditions, you can consume this white drug from Yunnan to get well soon. It will help your body to recover and heal the injuries as soon as possible.

Your Pets Can Also Get the Benefits of This Medicine

Not only can it be used for humans, you can also use Yunnan Baiyao for your pets as well. Through a good deal of research, researchers have found the effectiveness of this medicine to treat various conditions in pets, such as cats, dogs, and many others. This white drug from Yunnan is especially being used for horses to recover their injuries, such as when they fall while running. So, your pets can also benefit from this wonderful medicine as well.

It Helps Alleviate the Pain After Surgery

Many people said that having a surgery can be really painful. When the effect of anesthetic has disappeared from your body, it is the time when you can feel the pain after surgery. But don’t worry. Yunnan Baiyao has also been used by patients undergoing surgery, and they generally have positive results with it. It can help alleviate the pain before, during, and after their surgical procedure. You can count on this medicine to keep you away from the pain after surgery.


These are the benefits of Yunnan Baiyao that can help you heal various injuries whenever it happened. The effects of this medicine can usually be felt in just a few hours after you consume it or apply it around the injured areas. So, it is recommended for you to always have this medicine ready in your first aid kit box, so that you can use it anytime you need it.