Penis Professor Review

Penis Professor – Is Growth Possible?

Is it possible to grow your penis twice as fast with the Penis Professor program than with their closest competitor?

There is no doubt that increasing the size of one’s penis can be achieved through certain exercise techniques, though most men fail to make the decision to do something about it.

Every product proclaims to have the answer to your problem, so how do you choose which one to spend your money on? Penis Professor is no exception, so we’ll look closer to see how this particular product stacks up against the competition.

Firstly, I have to speak a little about the psychology behind the male preoccupation with penis size. In order to be a great lover and to perform well, a man needs to have confidence, and if the size of his penis is small then it can cause impotency simply because he doubts his ability to satisfy a woman. Fortunately, the Penis Professor exercise program, and several other similar products come to the rescue offering a natural way of enhancing and enlarging the penis through a regular exercise routine.

It only takes 6 minutes per day, 4 or 5 days per week to produce astonishing results according to Penis Professor, and they also claim to enable your penis to grow at least twice as fast using their techniques, compared with even their closest competitor.

Penis Professor and Dangerous Alternatives

If you are lacking confidence and wish to find a solution which will enable you to satisfy your woman, or simply to make yourself irresistible to women, then Penis Professor has to be on your short-list. There are many different methods that people have tried over the centuries, and some of these methods are outright dangerous.

Firstly, many men have tried to hang weights from the end of their penises. This is NOT to be recommended. Not only can this stress the tissue, but it can cause deformity and even impotence. When using the techniques which are described in the Penis Professor method, there are none which instruct or imply the use of weights.

Surgery can be used to lengthen the penis. This is known as penile augmentation surgery, and is not recommended for anyone with a flaccid penis size of more than 1.6 inches (4cm) or 3 inches (7.5cm) erect. In any case, the most common method to increase penis size by surgery is to cut the suspensory ligament and then to use skin grafts to allow for the added length.

Generally, the results of this add a small amount of length to the penis when flaccid, but nothing much to the size when erect. Also, there is a major downside to this, because when erect, the penis does not point upwards, which is a major draw-back when having sexual intercourse. Results recorded have shown that the flaccid length of the penis can be increased by .5cm to 1.6cm (.25 to .75 inches) through this type of surgery.

Personally I would hate to have mine pointing towards the floor simply to feel happier about having a penis which only shows a small increase in size when flaccid, and no noticeable difference in length when erect.

Pills are often advertised as a solution to lengthening the penis. Actually there is no evidence from good quality research resources which prove that any hormonal therapy (testosterone or other sex hormones and steroids are able to make any permanent change to the size of a man’s penis. There are also a lot of herbal “remedies” advertised which claim to increase penile size and increase virility. it could be that certain pills may increase a man’s sex drive temporarily, but to claim that the length of a penis can be permanently increased through the use of hormones is complete nonsense. Yet again, if one follows the exercise routine in the Penis Professor program, there is nothing within the instructions which recommends the use of pills or hormones of any kind.

Other methods which are sold by unscrupulous companies claiming to offer permanent size increases, include vacuum pumps, electrical or magnetic apparatus which attempt to stimulate penis growth. Generally, these advertisements can be found in men’s magazines, and are now widely found on the internet.

Is Penis Professor right for me?

There is a lot of information available on the internet and choosing the right product can be confusing, so if a particular program can publish clinically proven results and testimonials, then it’s probably time to jump off the fence and make a decision to go with it. On their main web site, Penis Professor link to another site which show independently produced results from comparative tests done on 50 men using 10 different products…. The results show that Penis Professor came out on top by a substantial margin.

I recently read an article by a guy who calls himself Boner Man who is apparently quite famous. In the article he asks the questions, firstly, “is it safe?” and secondly, will it work for me?” Obviously a guy who calls himself Boner Man must be quite a fanatic, so probably a good place to get some advice from someone who has tried many different methods for enlarging his penis. He warns that you should be careful which methods you use, and randomly choosing methods from the internet could cause you problems. So it is best to choose a reputable source of information before you start to exercise.

When you are happy and confident that you have found the right source of information, make sure that you get a guarantee that gives you sufficient time to see the results that you are looking for. A guarantee is necessary so that if you find that, despite your best efforts, you get no significant increase in size, you can get a full refund. Guarantees are available from most companies of course, and the Penis Professor Guarantee offers a full 8-week, no questions asked, money back guarantee, which is certainly enough time for you to find out if the exercise program lives up to their claims.

Results from Using the Penis Professor Program

More information about what you may expect when you use a natural penis enlargement exercise routine.

Natural penis enlargement exercise routines are amongst the safest methods of enhancing the size of your manhood, so long as you get your exercise advice from established and reputable sources such as Penis Professor. So when you consider doing something along the lines of an all-natural penis enlargement exercise program, you need to know in advance what results you can expect. With the right expectation and positive mindset going into this program, you’re likely to be much happier and more satisfied with your results of your dedicated work.

  1. Results Are Permanent

Of course the upside is that you can expect your penis exercise results to achieve permanent enhancements to your penis size. This is the advantage of doing penis exercises with Penis Professor compared to other methods such as penis pumps, where to continue to enjoy results, you have to continue to use the apparatus, or for surgery which would require maintenance care, follow up procedures, not to mention the dangers and negligible benefits (if any). With exercises you are stimulating several areas of your penis, which also enhances their other functions, giving you loads of additional benefits.

  1. Expect Extra Benefits of using Penis Professor

Some related benefits which result from the Penis Professor enlargement exercise routine include improved circulation. The benefits of increased circulation give you harder and stronger erections, increases in stamina and better control of your ejaculate, all can be achieved through penal exercise. Which means that you can hold yourself back from coming too quickly, which of course would do wonders for your partner’s pleasure and for your satisfaction and self-esteem.

  1. One to Three Inches Growth Within Three to Twelve Months

What improvements in size can you reasonably expect? There’s no doubt that men will have differing results dependent on how committed they are and also with regard to different body attributes. We have reports of men achieving a 1/4″ to 1/2″ inch size increase as soon as two weeks from starting the exercises, and 1 to 3 inches gain within 3 to 12 months. Apart from the increase in length, they have also noticed an improvement in the girth and in the quality and strength of their erections. There is one definite certainty… If you are wishing to improve your package, it won’t matter what size you begin with, I’ve never found any better method of penis enlargement, and I’ve tried all of them.

Penis Professor – The Bottom Line

One thing that you’ll definitely expect when you embark on a natural penis exercise program is to actually exercise. Unlike surgery and pills (discussed in our previous article) which are much riskier and promise results without any effort on your part, natural exercise programs will require you to dedicate some time and effort into an exercises routine. And unlike surgery and pills, exercise programs are more likely to be legitimate, giving you true and lasting results, provided you choose the right program. It could take at least two weeks before you begin to see the first results of your efforts.

If you wish to learn more about high quality, trusted penis enlargement exercise programs, and what they can do for you, visit the Penis Professor official website and read from the many reports written by guys who have increased their size, confidence and self-esteem through using the exercise program.