Felicity Keith’s The Language of Desire Program

Learn all about the dirty little secrets roaming around in every guy’s mind that you’ve always wanted to know (but were to afraid to ask) — and a lot more!

The Language of Desire is a relationship advice course by one Felicity Keith and Michael Fiore.  More specifically, the Language of Desire seeks to educate the average woman about all the dirty, little secret fantasies trapped inside the male mind that he’s too embarrassed to tell you about, so that you not only learn fulfill his sexual desires (and replace his celebrity fantasy) but manipulate him — in a good way — into fulfilling your emotional and sexual needs as well.  Ms, Keith claims this can be achieved by learning the special, psychological tactics that cause Dopamine (“pleasure hormone”) to be released in the brain and more.

Is the Language of Desire Program a scam?

After satisfying my curiosity by going through the course (and learning A LOT) along the way, I’m delighted to inform you that Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire system is not a scam.  I also found that Michael Fiore has a long-standing reputation for releasing many a quality material in this area (been on national t.v. and stuff, too).  Aside from the people behind the product, I also really like how the course is designed: Felicity tells you what to do, how to do certain things, why she’s getting you to do what you’re doing (where the science comes in); how to get the most out of your man, so he can give more to you in return.  You’ll find yourself referring back to it again and again.

How does the Language of Desire system work?

Language Of Desire

The Language of Desire course is broken down into 4 main sections and 10 chapters.  In the “Content” section, you’ll find the main e-book.  Each of the chapters is a downloadable PDF.  You will also find an accompanying downloadable MP3 files for those of you (like me) who are more auditory (with the exception of chapter 10, really short).  You will also come across various homework assignments and are able to interact via a very active comments section for support.  There’s also a “Worksheet” section for reflection/journal as well as a “Bonus” (of which you get three) and “Success Stories” sections that speak for themselves.  Here’s a brief overview of the 10 chapters you’ll find within the Language of Desire program:

Introduction: just what it says, not much here

Become a Sexual Superwoman: changing your perspective about the “slut” label, how to establish ground rules and boundaries within your relationship so that it stays healthy but allows for each of you to walk or crawl away (ha, ha) satisfied, the Madonna moan — the three-step process on how to do it and when to use it…Did you know there’s a technical term for making sexual noises?!?

Loving Man’s Best Friend (not his dog): this module of the Language of Desire is about understanding the difference between the man’s sex drive and yours, the truth about how men really feel about porn v.s. how you think they feel about it — not the same (really pay attention to this), how to use HIS REASON for watching porn to YOUR ADVANTAGE

Brain Chemistry and Sex: brain chemicals and psychological triggers (an admitted dork that loves this kind of stuff), the “cuddle” hormone, Pavlov’s erection (learn to control the “D”), the one-word phrase that every man wants to hear; turns “Clark Kent” into Superman (not what I expected but makes total sense)

Erotic Action Movie Technique: Can you guess what this module is about?  Felicity lays out several suggestive scenarios that you can use to make your make the hero of his own movie, bring them to life and more!  Even if you don’t think this is for you, this is not something you want to skip over — guaranteed to get some (or a lot of you) “hot and bothered!”

Desire Intensifiers: This section is all about the things you can do to spice up your relationship; keeping that sexual tension that you had when you first got together alive (and again, had me blushing), learn about the tease and oral intensifiers, the verbal-Viagra method (no little, blue pills needed), the boiled frog

Upgrade Your Relationship Status: This module of the LOD course is for those who are out there dating but are looking for something more serious from your potential mate.  Learn dirty talk for the single and dating and about the monogamous male maximizer and the friend-to-fantasy techniques

Getting Your Fantasies Met (and having him think it was his idea): (and having him think it was his idea): planting the seeds of desire, the lust-mirror game, erotic telepathy (reading your man’s mind), the romance rotator (put a spotlight on your needs and desires, so he can start reciprocating), 50 Shades of Experimenting

When Sex Isn’t Possible (or is boring): This is all about using modern technology as a weapon in your arsenal to keep the sparks flying when you cannot have sex because of long distance or perhaps a medical issue

Dirty Talk Mastery: wrapping things up; what do do if he is a cold fish, stepping outside of your comfort zone, fine-tuning your technique, planning how you’re gonna get down and dirty

Whether you’re single and looking to get a man or a woman that’s been in a relationship for a while and looking to spice things up — like things were back when you two first met, I highly recommend that you check out Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire course (60-day money back guarantee).  When you understand how men think, know what they want, and how to give it to them, you open yourself up to a whole new world of intimacy and pleasure that you can’t even put into words!

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