How Penis Enlargement Works

It’s not surprising that many men are skeptical about natural penis enlargement. The typical medical viewpoint is that penis enlargement is only possible through surgery. Of course, when it comes to our bodies, we all respect the opinions of medical professionals and tend to take their views as solid fact.

But the medical profession has always been slow to accept alternative remedies – and natural penis enlargement is no exception. Without firm clinical proof,    the concept is dismissed as impossible – like many successful alternative approaches.

But to dismiss natural penis enlargement really defies common sense. The Web’s PE discussion forums are filled with countless success stories. Those of us of who have actually put our doubts to one side have found that penis enlargement is very much possible – and all that’s needed is a little patience and dedication.

When you consider the principles behind natural penis enlargement objectively, it’s not surprising that the method has proved to be so successful. The entire concept is based on a well-established physiological fact – that human tissue responds to physical stress or exercise by healing, adapting and growing.

An obvious example of this principle is the way in which muscle tissue responds to exercise by strengthening and growing to better cope with the stresses placed on it. But muscle tissue is not unique in its ability to respond in this way. In fact, the penis consists of tissues that are equally capable of responding positively to exercise.

2 Factors That Limit Penis Size

There are only two factors that limit penis size.

Firstly, the blood capacity of the erectile tissue.

Secondly, the length of the suspensory ligaments attaching the penis to the pubic bone.


The principles behind natural penis  enlargement are to lengthen these ligaments and to encourage the cells within the erectile tissue to expand and enlarge, thereby increasing the volume of blood that the penis can accommodate.

Although erectile tissue is not muscle, there is a similarity between the two – and this explains why both respond to exercise in a similar way. Every cell within both types of tissue is surrounded by a thin, tough layer of connective tissue. In effect, these layers limit and restrict each cell’s size.

2 Ways To Enlarge Enlarge The Penis


To enlarge these cells and therefore, increase the volume of blood each one is capable of holding – it is necessary to stretch the surrounding layers of connective tissue. Exercises such as the Jelq achieve this by forcing as much blood as possible into all areas of the erectile tissue. With regular exercise, the layers of connective tissue gradually stretch; the cells enlarge and the blood capacity of the erectile tissue increases.


Apart from the volume of blood the erectile tissue can hold, the only other factor that limits penis size (in particular length) is the length of the ligaments running through the penis, attaching the penis to the pubic bone.

Penis lengthening surgery actually involves cutting these ligaments – but unfortunately the long-term effects of this procedure can be unpredictable. It is possible for example, that scar tissue will develop – which then toughens and shrinks. If this occurs, initial gains in length can be partially or totally lost.

It’s just as possible to gradually stretch these ligaments naturally and to avoid the potential risks of surgery. In fact, there are many examples of how human tissue (including ligaments) will adapt and grow when exposed to tension.

If They Can Do It…Then…

The ‘Giraffe’ women of the Padaung tribe in Burma are even known to stretch their entire necks – by up to 10 inches over the course of many years. Of course a complex structure such as the neck consists of several tissue types including muscle, ligaments and even vertebrae – all of which seem to respond to stretching.

Just think…if these women can add an additional 10 inches to their neck, don’t you think you can add a few measly inches to your penis? Imagine what that would be like…

If it is possible to stretch all these types of tissue, it does seem reasonable to suggest that the ligaments within the penis will respond in a similar way.

There is certainly no reason why the suspensory ligaments within the penis would respond any differently to the ligaments in the neck.

In reality, natural penis enlargement simply applies well know principles of how human tissue responds to physical stress. There aren’t any miracles involved – just physiological facts.

To achieve permanent gains in penis size, all that’s necessary is to exercise the penis properly and methodically. The techniques used to do this are quite simple to learn and perform. Applying these techniques in the correct sequence and for the appropriate length of time are the real keys to success – the idea is to exercise the penis just enough to stimulate growth.

Dramatic increases in penis size don’t develop overnight. The penis grows and adapts at the same rate as any other part of the body. But by carefully following a well-planned routine, you can ensure that the gains you make are steady and continuous.

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